8 Ways To Appear Classy in Polo Neck T-Shirt

8 Ways To Appear Classy in Polo Neck T-Shirt

The intense heat during the summer season requires you to wear light clothes. It should allow cool air to pass onto your body to eliminate the heat and sweat. Hence, the fabric chosen should be suitable to be worn in hot weather as well as appear decent and trendy. Linen shirts, tank tops, tees are considered to be the favourite options. They are also stylish and summer friendly. If you seek a sophisticated alternative, then you can stop your search with classic old polo neck t-shirts. They are really classy. It is considered to be the round neck t-shirt’s sibling and makes you appear smart. You can pair them with any bottom-wear, thus making them the must-haves in your wardrobe collection this summer season.

About polo neck shirt

The polo shirt is referred to as a shirt having a collar and a placket neckline having 2-3 buttons including an optional pocket. They are short sleeved and were initially part of the polo players’ apparel in 1859 in India and during the 1920s in Great Britain.

8 classy ways to wear Polo neck t-shirt

  • If you prefer wearing casual outfits, then you should prefer an untucked polo t-shirt and pair it with denim jeans. You are sure to appear urbane.

  • Wear a denim jacket to enhance style.
  • Polo t-shirts when paired with shorts can make your summer outfits to appear suave. Plain t-shirts can be experimented with printed, coloured shorts. You may try reversing the patterns to come up with something new and interesting.

  • Be bold and unique. Wear a blazer over your polo t-shirt and shorts outfit. You will appear sophisticated.

  • Corduroys with polo t-shirt will make you appear classy. You may wear it untucked or tucked. Try out different variations and choose any footwear of choice.

  • Wear polo t-shirts untucked, with matching sporty footwear and chinos. This way, you can appear smart and casual.

  • These t-shirts do exhibit a formal vibe, thus making you to appear quite elegant if worn with matching formal pants. For footwear, choose dress shoes.

  • Choosing mix and match suit will allow you to enjoy wearing the polo neck t-shirt and enjoy the swag.

Are they still fashionable and trendy?

The truth is that polo t-shirts do not appear fashionable or fancy. But it can be termed to be as timeless apparel that never goes out of fashion. It can also prove to be a better choice when compared to the current available dumb styles. However, do avoid investing in polo t-shirts created from cheap materials.

Are they formal?

They are regarded to be a super versatile clothing piece and the perfect balance between formal and casual wear. When compared to the dress shirt, it is more casual and quite formal than wearing a crew neck tee. 

How long do they last?

They can last approximately 6 months to about 2-3 years, depending on the materials they are made from. You may take some adequate measures to ensure that the shirt appears classy and good as new for a long time.