Looking For the Perfect T-Shirt For Your Body Type? Here Is the Ultimate Guide You Need

Looking For the Perfect T-Shirt For Your Body Type? Here Is the Ultimate Guide You Need

We don't believe that a perfect wardrobe is synonymous with expensive luxury items. A collection of timeless clothing is all you need. Apparels that can easily be worn over and again and can be combined in unique ways to create new styles are what make your wardrobe perfect. Such items of clothing are often versatile and offer a reason to believe in “Less is more!” One such example of sartorial brilliance is the humble T-shirt. Yes, you heard that right. T-shirts are cool, laid-back, stylish, and a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Here are the t-shirt types that men often find themselves tossing into their shopping carts. And yes, we also tell you which body types they suit the most. Read on—

  • Baggy T-shirts— They are ideal for chubby men. If your body is a bit on the healthier side, baggy T-shirts are just perfect for you. Heavy men appear slimmer in these T-shirts, thanks to their relaxed fit. These breezy, loose t-shirts are a popular choice not just among fuller men but also among the leaner lot for the kind of downtown charm they ooze out. Hip-hop and rap artists have made this a popular trend among youth. Baggy T-shirts are comfortable to wear due to their long length and relaxed fit and are a favourite among some women too. Combining a baggy shirt with fitted trousers creates a striking outfit that combines both style and comfort.

  • Slim Fit T-shirts — If your body looks fit, then slim-fit T-shirts are going to flatter it like none other. Let's be honest, when you have a good body, you want to show it off. To flaunt your body's best features, a slim-fit T-shirt is a perfect attire to choose. It is often asked how slim the fit should be. Well, it depends on the size of your torso. Make sure the T-shirt fits you snugly, and it’s not too long. A short T-shirt can make you look bulky. However, a long tee can add some length to a short torso. You can wear your fitted T-shirt with any bottom-wear. Or layer it with a jacket for a more toned look.


  • Muscle Fit T-shirts— These T-shirts are for the athletic body type. A muscle-fit T-shirt with a V neck is the perfect choice for you if you're an athlete looking for a top-wear that shows off your athletic physique. V-neck T-shirts come in many styles. You can choose between a narrow V neck or a wide V neck. Nonetheless, the narrow V neckline looks more apt with masculine-fit T-shirts and is also very flattering. You can add some oomph to your get-up by teaming your T-shirt with a scarf around your neck.


  • Straight-fit T-shirts— For men who are slim, straight-fit T-shirts are a match made in heaven. While a slim body shape is admired by many, those who have it know how difficult it is to style this body type. You have the risk of appearing undernourished in both baggy and slim T-shirts. However, a straight-fit T-shirt is what can give you some relief. Because it is straight and loose, it gives the illusion of width. Go for a classic crew neck, as it can create a balanced look. For some added bulk, you can pair it with a jacket or shirt. You can also create a sophisticated, dapper look by styling it with a basic waistcoat.

This is your complete guide on how to wear a T-shirt that flatters your body type and shows style. So, what makes you wait? Wear the right T-shirt style for your body, match it with a pair of cool shoes, shades, and a watch, and turn some heads as you walk down the street.