Ultimate Guide To Follow When Choosing Men’s Polo Shirts

Ultimate Guide To Follow When Choosing Men’s Polo Shirts

You may be interested to buy men’s polo t-shirt to enhance your wardrobe collection. But you should make the correct choice and ensure appropriate fit. These are versatile pieces and can be worn in different settings, like at the tennis court, a party or at the workplace. Initially, it represented elite fashion. However, with time, it has managed to evolve and become a must-have wardrobe staple. But if you plan to purchase this apparel for the first time, then you are to follow this guide to make the right selection.

Know its anatomy

Shoulders: It should sync with the shoulder bone and be right lined. This way, you can know if it is too small or big for your body. Otherwise, altering it can be a difficult task. Getting this part correct will help avoid returns.

Neck: The shirt’s neck is generally worn with unbuttoned top button. Hence, when shopping for this apparel, avoid bothering about neck size unlike the dress shirt.

Arms: The shirt’s arms should fit perfectly with regards to its length and width. The arms should not be restrictive or the width to appear baggy such that it will make your arms to appear super skinny. Hence when length is concerned, sleeves are to end around your upper arm’s midpoint.

Body length: This particular part is something that should not be extremely long. In general, most polos are designed for taller men. Hence, your polo is likely to appear sloppy and long without any alterations. Usually, they are to be worn untucked to avoid bunching, a common issue faced when wearing an extremely long length. Moreover, the polo shirt’s bottom is to end around the pant zipper’s midpoint. In case it is extremely long, then the polo is likely to bunch up. Again, too short will mean it will not appear flattering even when worn by short men.

Common fit mistakes to avoid

Extremely lengthy body: Many people often make the mistake to choose a polo shirt that has extremely lengthy body. Bigger companies generally create polo shirts to fit perfectly those with an average height of 5’10”. Hence, short men are likely to find these shirts to be a bit long.

Lengthy sleeves: The shirt’s sleeve is to end right in the upper arm’s mid part that is approximately a couple of inches below the shoulder meeting the biceps. If it is longer than this, then it might not be preferred.

Material quality: Being a knit item, material used in its construction is likely to impact the amount of stretch experienced, including the number of washes it is expected to last and its durability factor. Hence, buy only quality polo t-shirts from a reputed manufacturer.

Baggy fit: Generally, polos don’t come with Standard or Slim options. Hence, the mistake committed is the polo size purchased. It should not be extremely restrictive or tight, but good enough to compliment and hug your body. 

Following this guide will enable you to enjoy shopping for men’s polo t-shirts that will make you appear stylish and fashionable.